Maestro in Brazil

Florianopolis, a Brazilian city situated on an island approximately 700 km from Sao Paulo, is known for its vibrant lifestyle and boasts one of the highest qualities of life in all of South America. Tourism thrives in this city, thanks to its white beaches, sand dunes, blue seas, and surfer-friendly waves.

Just like in the rest of the world, “Made in Italy” is highly esteemed in Florianopolis, as evident from the opening of Maestro – Gelato e Caffè Italiano in the Iguatemì shopping center.

This venture originated from the creative minds at Quattrer Arredamenti, a historic Turin-based company with over 60 years of experience in designing and producing furnishings for commercial establishments.

Quattrer Arredamenti is known for its innovative concepts, with Maestro being its latest endeavor—a project aimed at exporting Italian excellence worldwide.

The franchising concept, furniture supply, selection of raw materials, as well as staff training, have all been meticulously overseen by Quattrer, ensuring that customers embark on an authentic “Made in Italy” experience.

The Italian espresso culture is celebrated to the fullest extent, with the selection of premium blends, careful roasting, and the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance all the qualities of coffee.

The gelateria also offers sorbets and granita, with flavor names taking you on a journey across Italy: Fiordilatte Monte Bianco, Cioccolato Torino, Nocciola Langhe, Yogurt Naturale Dolomiti, Crema Classica Roma, Caffè Vesuvio, Limone “Amalfi.” Of course, there are nods to Italian cultural traditions as well, such as Ricotta e Fichi “I Promessi Sposi” and Crema con Paste di Meliga “Infinito.”

Maestro in Brazil: A slice of Italy on the other side of the world.